We Offer Quality Odorless Dry Cleaning at Competitive Prices!
We Always Strive to Clean in an Environmentally Safe Manner!
Taking Care of All Your Dry Cleaning Needs!


Professional Dry Cleaning

Our staff is experienced with over 25 years of actual dry cleaning and stain removal. Our solvents are odorless, gentle and environmental friendly.

Repairs and Alterations

Our seamstress is on duty 4 days each week for fittings.You may call for her schedule which changes weekly.

Same Day Services

We operate a complete Dry Cleaning & Laundry facility and can process your clothing on a Same Day Schedule with never an extra charge.

Executive Shirt/Blouse Service

Thousands of shirts/blouses per week are laundered and returned on hangers or folded. We replace all missing/broken buttons!


Custome Shirt/Blouse Service

A special service offering a hand finished shirt/blouse with special attention to all of the details at a slight additional charge

Drapery Cleaning

Drapes are professionally cleaned and  then hand re-pleated. Special packaging is then used to maintain the decorator folding.

Leather and Suede Cleaning

We are specialists in cleaning and refinishing leather and suede garments including many type of purses and Ugg boots.

Express Service

Our Express Service enables customers to drop off and pick up orders quickly.with no delays. 


Wedding Gown Cleaning

Gowns are hand cleaned with special attention to any stains from dirt, persperation, cosmetics, food or beverages and then hand finished.

Area Rugs Cleaning

Roll up your rug up and bring it in! Special attention is paid to any stains on the rugs. This service takes about 10 days. 

Heirloom and Preservation

After finishing, gowns and other heirloom items are packeged with special acid free tissue/containers to help slow down the aging process. All
                    cleaning and packaging is done in-

24 Hour Drop-Off Service

Once registered you recieve our free express bag that can be dropped off next to our front door or at our counter. There is no charge for this service.